Virtual Worlds

Thanks to this wonderful technology we call the Internet, virtual worlds - created online, by it's residents, are indeed possible!

GalaxyFleetCommand exists in such a world - the virtual world of Second Life. Our group has seen over 1000 members enlist in the past 5 years.

Come with us on this journey! Explore Second Life, and if you're a Star Trek fan, be sure to come visit the Galaxy sim, where you'll find like-minded people from all over the globe willing to help you explore.

The following links will take you to the home page of Second Life, where you can download the application if you haven't already done so. You will also find direct links to Galaxy, the home Sim of GalaxyFleetCommand.

Second Life

Direct Link to the Galaxy Sim in Second Life

Official GalaxyFleetCommand Home and Forum

Memory-Alpha, an excellent source for all knowledge of Trek

Real World and acknowledgments

Linden Lab


Star Trek

Special thanks to Platt College

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