GalaxyFleetCommand Shopping


Our virtual world allows it's members to be highly creative when it comes to not only the appearance of your environment, but how you look as well.

GalaxyFleetCommand offers two Marketplace areas where you will find objects to outfit your avatar, or completely change your appearance and your attitude.

Here you will also find Star Trek based items such as clothing, ships, weapons, etc... Everything you'll need to immerse yourself in the Trek experience.

We have two main shopping areas. Galaxy Market is land-based, and our space-based shopping area is Infinity Station.


Teleports are available in our sims to transport you to your shopping destination!

If you are a vendor interested in renting a land-based unit, or a slot on one of the two floors of Infinity Station, please contact Cobramax Mechanique or Katrina Bixby in-game.

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