USS Ajax - GFC Role Play

Ajax RP

The USS Ajax is the flagship of our fleet and is currently exploring into the known Federation galaxy.

It is the first and oldest vessel to operate in the Metaverse. It's missions brings it to the far reaches of the galaxy, operating in a time frame prior to the Nemisis incident.

The USS Ajax is a Galaxy-class vessel and commanded by the Admiral himself. The crew also mans an Intrepid-class vessel known as the Maximus.

The missions commence Tuesdays at 6:30PM SLT (second life time). Crews assemble in the time slips resistant area known as the Aeon Sandbox and transport to the vessel from there. The event is free-form role play, meaning you can choose your station and rank (below Captain) and no prior requisite, just bring your imagination and knowledge of trek lore and terminology. This is a GFC production.

USS Chauliac - GFC Role Play

Chauliac RP

In the aftermath of the turbulent 2370's, the Federation allocated more resources towards exploration and development in the Beta Quadrant frontier, long-neglected due to wars and conflict in other areas of space.

In 2381, the newly-constructed USS Chauliac, one of the first Nova-II-class science vessels, begins missions of exploration, scientific survey and support of Federation interests. This ship also provides rapid-response emergency medical services.

The voyage of the USS Chauliac continues each Thursday at 8:00PM SLT (second life time), assembling at the Aeon Sandbox before transferring to the ship. All are welcome to join the crew! This is a serial, moderated and partially-scripted role play with emphasis on character development and an immersive narrative environment.

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