GalaxyFleetCommand in-Sim Housing


GalaxyFleetCommand offers ample in-Sim housing options for its members who wish to live among their friends for a total immersion into the spirit of the Star Trek universe. Located conveniently in the Galaxy Sim you'll find our in-Sim Rental Kiosk. Here you will find listings of currently available ground-level rental units, monthly fees and available amenities. Below you will find links to our space-based housing.

Galaxy Sim

Galaxy offers 10 private residential areas. Each unit is allotted 117 prims at a reasonable cost of L$400 per week. The units offer media and radio streams in addition to added security features to keep unwanted alien life forms from coming to your home. As an added bonus, each unit provides the owner the ability to change the landscape surrounds of their home to various preset space or 20th Century Earth settings.

Explore Space-based Housing Options:

Aeon Sim

Sovereign Sim

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