GalaxyFleetCommand History


Written by Lieutenant Aimhigh Seelowe

Soon after the incident at Wolf 359, and immediately after what became known as the Nemesis Incident, the Metaverse was discovered by Nathanial Linden. This Metaverse was found to be a nexus point to many disparate points in time and space to which travel was possible.

Through a violation of temporal law, and somewhat unknowingly, Nathaniel Linden made contact with his great, great, great, great grandson and exposed the existence of the Metaverse to his 21st century counterpart, and the portal was opened.

The Federation, realizing the implications this could have on human development, established the Metaverse Fleet, naming Cobramax Mechanique, Admiral, and Katrina Bixby, Fleet Admiral.

Their ongoing mission, to explore this strange new world, seek out new life and new civilizations and boldly go where no avatar has gone before, and along the way, find like-minded beings who wish to join them in their exploration of this fascinating, and often dangerous new existence.

The vessels of the fleet operate in time slips that allow them to explore the known parts of the existing universe. Known as RP Missions these excursions transport crews to experiences within Federation space... and sometimes beyond!

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