GalaxyFleetCommand Divisions

There are five main Divisions: Command, Science, Engineering, Security and Academy. Each division has subdivisions that specialize in certain functions, for a total of 23 subdivisions.

Any member may join any division. You may have up to two roles in GFC; those roles can be in the same or different divisons.

Command Subdivisions:

Personnel is responsible for recruitment events and for processing new members into the group.

Strategic Operations is in charge of the role-playing events.

Communications takes care of advertisement and promotion of and for the group and sim.

Social Events is responsible for event planning, such as our biannual ball.

Regulations creates and reviews the rules and regulations for the sim and group.

Group Assets oversees the maintenance, acquisition and placement of the physical assets of the group and sim. GA also maintain the records of items made by our members for the group to limit duplication.

Judge Advocate General, or JAG, is the legal part of GFC, and deal with issues like ban appeals, misconduct of officers, violation of rules, trials and so on. JAG is only concerned with serious issues, when all hopes of talk have gone.

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Science Division:

Medical officers create avatar skins and textures, both human and alien. Free alien avatars can be obtained in Infinity Station. Doctors and Physician's Assistants also conduct the recruit entrance physicals, as all of you have had done, and render RP medical assistance.

Linguistics translate texts into other languages and interprets for our members and visitors.

Xenomusicology (XM or XenoMus) works by creating music, instruments and sounds which could come from all over the universe. They also DJ at GFC events.

Research and Development conceives, researches, and tests various ideas that may benefit the group. They also aid in the gathering of resources to help different divisions on their projects.

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Engineering Division:

Engineering is responsible for all buildings, furnishing, objects, textures and animations used in the GFC sims. Our Engineering members are very talented people! Most of the things you see in GFC are made by our Engineering department, which sometimes also does custom work on request.

Security Division:

The Security subdivision helps maintain peace and order in the GFC sims in accordance with the Linden Lab Terms of Service (TOS) and GFC rules and regulations. If you are given an order by a member of Security, there is a reason for it, and you should follow that order. It is the Security subdivision you should contact if you witness a griefer incident.

The Tactical subdivision is responsible for tactical training of our Security members, acts as backup for Security and holds tactical events. There is a regularly scheduled Tactical event on Wednesdays at 1630 SLT (4:30 pm SLT) and Sundays 21:00 (9pm SLT) .

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GFC Academy:

The educational part of GalaxyFleetCommand, it's instructors and leaders write and teach the various classes here. Be sure to see our Academy page.

The Air Corps is responsible for training pilots to fly small craft. They train pilots on small crafts, and put on the flight shows at various GFC events. Our Air Corps are considered to be the best pilots Starfleet has to offer!

The GFCA Library, located in the building across the river, is where information on many things from GFC to Star Trek is available for you to read.

The Career Development Office (CDO) have Career Advisors. They are the mentors who guide the students through the Academy and beyond, answering questions and helping to solve any difficulties students may have in the Academy. The CAs will also be the ones to place recruits after graduation. We are here to guide you through your whole career and are happy to assist all who need such advice.

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There is one final position which is not under any division or subdivision: the Duty Officer, which is a sort of public-relations representative and go-between to other subdivisions. The DO is responsible for giving tours of the sim to visitors and potential recruits and answering questions, and can call in Security, Linguistics or other departments when and where needed, including the Admiralty.

The Duty Officer position is one which requires a cool head, a complete understanding of the Linden Lab TOS and GFC rules, and professional behavior. The DO can find him or herself in difficult situations and must be able to maintain composure. A duty report will be filed after every shift.

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