GFC Academy Officer Training School

Upon completion of your Basic Training studies, you will be eligible to enter our Officer Training School.

Officer Training School (OTS) Requirements:

In order to enter Officer Training School, a person must:

Officer Training School consists of 5 mandatory classes:

  1. OTS Officer Code of Conduct
  2. OTS Regulations 101
  3. OTS Effective Leadership
  4. OTS Advanced Leadership
  5. OTS Final Class

Officer Training School is completed when the Cadet has completed and passed all OTS classes within 30 days of signing up, upon which will be eligible for graduation to Ensign.

Post Graduation

NCO (Non-commissioned officers): After BT graduation, you will be eligible for a duty assignment for positions not requiring the rank of Ensign or above.

Officers: After OTS Graduation, you will be eligible for duty assignments requiring the minimum rank of Ensign.

Career guidance and placement is available through GFC Academy in the Career Development Office.

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