GalaxyFleetCommand Academy

gfc academy

Here at GalaxyFleetCommand Academy, our talented world-wide staff are trained to provide you with everything you'll need to know to become an effective Non-Commissioned Officer.

Upon completion of your Basic Training studies, you will be eligible to enter our Officer Training School.

Academy Air Corp also resides in GFC Academy if you're interested in becoming a shuttle pilot!

Basic Training (BT) requirements:

In order to enter Basic Training, a person must have successfully been processed by GFC Personnel and received and accepted their group invitation.

Basic Training consists of a minimum of 3 classes: One (1) required and Two (2) electives.

Required Classes:

Electives available:

Basic Training can be completed when the Recruit has completed and passed the Three (3) class minimum upon which becomes eligible for graduation. Remaining electives may also be taken if desired.

Access Officer Training School (OTS) Requirements:

Access Official GFC Academy Class Schedule Here

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