Who is GalaxyFleetCommand?


Written by Admiral Cobramax Mechanique

A member of GalaxyFleetCommand is a vital member of an online functional community, a living, breathing organization of like minded individuals, who join together for a common purpose.

Our goal is to create and live in an immersive environment that reflects the life and interactions of the world that Gene Roddenberry presented to us, be it in our living or working environment in the Galaxy sims.

What is expected of you, in real terms as a part of this group?

A member of GalaxyFleetCommand will abide by the 14th Directive , which reads: "An officer shall not be impolite, and shall not act improper or indecently, or show any offensive or molesting behavior against other life forms."

A member of GFC applies this to the sum total of his behavior, the way he carries himself, the honesty with which he deals with other members.

Members of GFC will strive to be dependable when committing to an assignment, take them seriously, and be someone others can depend on.

A GFC member that chooses to be duty assigned and active is expected to carry out their role. Jobs within the fleet are voluntary, however taking on a commitment is a support service to the group as a whole. GFC members are expected to only volunteer for services they can deliver.

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GFC members strive to be a friend and be concerned about the welfare and progress of the group, helping where possible, listening when needed and provide encouragment to others.

A member of GFC is polite, gracious, well mannered, cheerful and optimistic, treating others as he wishes to be treated.

GFC members strive to present solutions to problems, seeing them as opportunities to help the group and to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

A member of GFC rejects negativity, choosing instead to foster positive ideas.

Together as a team we grow, learn and advance the technology and socially enhance the quality of all of our Second Lives.

A member of GalaxyFleetCommand is someone you are proud to be, an important and welcome member of the great Starfleet family!

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